Real money pokiesAmquest specialise in providing the technological infrastructure to casinos in Australia, Singapore and Macau. Our secure systems provide everything from in-game management and support, to real time revenue and casino reporting.

  • Progressive Jackpot Networks:

We lead the way in providing networked progressive casino games.  For some of our largest casino clients, we connect close to 6,000 individual real money slot games across a number of geographically dispersed casinos.  These progressive jackpot networks have become incredibly popular in casinos around the world, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this technology.

  • Remote Game Support

Our software enables casinos and gambling establishments to provide remote support to individual slot machines.  Using cutting edge technology message technology we are able to assist players with technical issues whilst at the machine.  With average support response times of under 1 minute and a success rate approaching 85%, our remote gaming support service has proved to be incredibly popular with both casino visitors and casino staff.

With the advent of voice search, we are also in the process of instigating research into how we can best use this technology to aid remote gaming support, in particular the use of voice search support for live casino games. Whilst still in its relative infancy, voice search provides a new innovative opportunity to improve the support and gaming experience of players playing live casino games such as roulette and blackjack.

  • Real Time Monitoring

Whilst real time monitoring has been around for a number of years, we have been at the forefront of this technology.  Our real time monitoring software and tracking systems not only provide valuable management information but are also now widely regarded as an effective method of fraud reduction, particularly with pokies.  If our systems detect potentially fraudulent activity at a particular poker machine, our systems have the ability to indiscreetly flag this to local casino staff, or alternatively if required we can set in place a process that results in the remote powering down of that individual machine.

      • Geo-blocking and Restricted Territories

We are in the process of devising a strategy to keep up to pace with the legislative changes that are currently effecting the online gambling sector. This is particularly important in regulated gabling markets where there are strict gambling compliance requirements. We hope to use the latest IP address resolution technology so that we restrict access to free play and real money casino and slots games to those markets where access to those games is allowed. We have undertaken some testing on a number of sites, including popular free slots sites, and to date we are still refining our systems to ensure that they are working 100%. This is a common issue that many online operators are currently addressing and we hope to have this resolved to the best of our ability in the very near future.

  • Third Party Reporting

Our systems can be integrated into third party reporting systems via our highly secure web based API.  This is particularly useful in providing real time revenue information to external agencies and government bodies, a legal and regulatory requirement in gambling jurisdictions for a number of our casino clients.

  •  Casino Reporting

We can work with senior casino management to ensure that our software and systems are capable of producing detailed key performance indicator (KPI) reporting.  We have the ability to integrate our software with a number of leading financial software products, thereby making it possible to fully integrate real time casino operating data into live financial reporting systems.

Please be aware that the above description of our services is just a small sample of what our technology does and how we can help streamline reporting, support and management within casinos.  No two clients are the same, and our experienced team of consultants are experts at devising bespoke solutions to ensure your operations remain secure and up to date with the latest advances in casino technology.